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 Before I start off with my views and thoughts about the whole world, I'd like to (for the first time) mention someone very special here. The Anon Blogger - the name she goes by with, has been one of my most faithful followers. She has always read my posts and has been very supportive. She writes amazing stuff and if you check out the earlier posts, they have bonus content too! My personal fav being Time Stops, Aliens Invade is one that you guys should definitely see. So don't forget to check it out!

Now back to me.

 Idiocy. A thing that lies in people, and I mean every one of them. It’s just a matter of time and, nature of a situation that the imprudent character strikes. 
All logic failing to bring it back on track.
 That moment when the brain stops listening to reason.  
 Rationality is overlooked and the person standing opposite to you most likely will undergo feelings of exasperation. 
A person, who you think can make out a leaf from grass, cannot make out the difference between the ridiculous and the habitual. 

 Such an over-powering characteristic embedded in us. Why shouldn’t our lucidity prevail first before we overthink a moment? Despite all the thought, the most senseless decisions are taken being backed by the pitiful excuses.

“Why couldn’t you have said no when he asked you to move? That was your spot.”

 “Umm, well, I guess he really liked that spot”. 

A slap I could give echoes over the mountains. 
Of course, it’s all being played in my head – the only stage for my kind of dramatic acts. I don’t have a choice but to endure all this. A responsibility that comes when you are bonded to someone in some way. 
Idiocy, a trait that is extremely intolerable, clearly more perceptible in others than some, but when it comes to us, it is in no way invalid.


To Put it Simply.

I am so bored.

What if I could fly? I wouldn't be bored, ever.

I hate cockroaches. They scare me.

And I'm bored again.


My Cold & A Rubber-band

Normally I tend to wake up around 730 am, go down, have my tea, take a bath, breakfast and then work. Today morning was supposed to be the same, but because of my cold it wasn’t. I get colds at the slightest change in weather. Bad immunity? Maybe. So I have been suffering endlessly since yesterday. I came home, fever starting to brew in me. Mum gave me a high dose pill and I slept like a log.
It was all fine, but when I got up, still feeling like the pill was working itself, it was 820.

 My head hurt. I ran downstairs to have my morning tea and asked mum why she couldn’t wake me up earlier. She wanted me to take rest. Mum’s. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that great even after the pill. Like the world was spinning in front of me, I still decided to get ready for work (cause I love what I do).
Managing the day wouldn’t be a big deal, but my parents thought otherwise.
I come down, and my sister (who has a holiday for an exam tomorrow) told me not to go, trying to make me believe that I was so un-well I could faint any second. Not taking much notice to her dramatic statement, I went into the kitchen. Mum was making lunch for me and at the same time was telling me not to go to work. What is it with everyone? I am fine. I’ll manage it. All the while, during the process of my lunch-making she was telling me to call in sick.

 NO mom, you made lunch for me. I have to go for that atleast.
 I was asking for a rubber band to tie this newspaper; in the background of all the endless denials towards me. My need was subjugated. Then my sister goes up to my dad and tells him I’m not feeling well. 
Dad, being extremely cautious would not stand for a second if my health hindered, let it be a cold, or even the slightest paper cut. 
"Don’t go". Simple. The same words I’ve been hearing for the last 20 minutes.
I have a deadline at work.
 I still needed the rubber band to tie the newspaper around my lunch box (because it would leak otherwise and I keep forgetting to buy Tupperware). Now slightly increasing the pitch I asked for it.

Dad tells me to keep my voice down or I’ll lose energy. Everyone’s talking at once about how I can miss one day of work and how the entire company isn’t only running on profits because of me.
My rubber band.

 Go find it, it’s somewhere in the back.
 Fed up, I left them to their talking and mutual agreement against me. Could not find it. My sister starts her act again and for the last time I ask for the rubber band. Everyone now has finished complaining how I don’t look after my health and in my face decide for me I should stay at home and take rest. (Although that led me to this).

 I slammed by box down on the table. It’s been decided. I’m not going anywhere.
 So much for the rubber band now.


Looking Out

As I sit, eating the puff that was given to me, I look at the huge grilled, netted window; It's 615pm.  The rain coming to an end, the sun made a guest-appearance for the evening, indicating the last life it had for the day. It shined lazily trying to complete a formality. The sky was not all grey and hues of pink streaked it. 
Bored, I looked out and I don’t know if the tree was always like that or whether the lime green leaves just happened to pop out amidst the color variation, but it seemed like a familiar setting.
 A puppet setting. When I was a kid I used to watch shows that had this kind of setting. 

The grey and pink sky looking velvety and the tree looking like it was made of clay. It seemed unrealistic... 
Just a stare at the limited scenery I had in front of me took me to a moment I rarely bring back, except when my mum talks about them. I’m sure she missed the younger, more innocent me.  
I always seem to drift away to long lost thoughts when I’m occupied with subservient assignments. Makes me feel like I’m doing something sensible, something that will lead to another blog at least, although I shouldn't. Yet I am, and I write, although stacks of documents in front of me wait to be checked.

 My colleague passes from behind to take a few things and I quickly change back to the word screen the second he turns his back. 

 Trying for a proper ending to this sudden post, I think. I can’t manage to write a befitting ending to it. Maybe I should just end it as abruptly as I started it.