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A Tribute.

During work - Sakshi (right) & I (obviously to the left)

This one word comes out of everyone’s mouth at least once a day, sometimes more loosely than the actual meaning of it and sometimes not,as well as sometimes being pointed at to something that might not be of the same species at all!  For example, the ball was Tom Hank’s best friend in Cast Away, and Hachiko’s best friend was a human, the young boy’s only friend in the end was the stump from the Giving Tree. 
A friend can be anything, anyone.  
It reads : "To: The B, Rockstars, <3 Sakshi :*"
Today, I write to you to honor my best friend Sakshi.  She has been with me through all the ups and down and handled my craziness from the very start to the end. If there is something she doesn’t know, it’s probably nothing.  On the event of friendship day I looked back to all those years and smiled at the gradual understanding of the word “friend”. Friend ship day, then, was all about the number of bands I got and how much I was able to show them off. Once I was out of school did I realize that it wasn’t the number of bands but rather the number of real friends I’ve had and the number real friends I should try to maintain around me. They are my force-field and I know that no one can pierce it if they’re there.
It reads: " Happy friendship day!! We'll always be together and ROCK
the world with our crazinessand give SHOCKS to people!!
P.S. I hope you know what the 'B' stands for ;)
Although our friend ship is only 2 years old, it has become strong enough to last a lifetime and for that I am grateful. Being the sweetheart she is, she took up time to make me a card and I am now showing it off here. We are just as major contrasts to each other as we are similar. We gel and that’s all that matters.
Paint-made heart.
Sakshi, thank you so much for being my best friend and my support all the way, and although this might be a minuscule tribute, it is meant ONLY for you and for the long years ahead that awaits our craziness. 
Love you babe. <3


  1. awwwww how nice of you to write so many nice things about her! :)

  2. It's funny how people we've known for just a few years time, that may sometimes even be in months, get so close to us. As they say, Friendship too may be written in the stars somewhere! Nice tribute there :)

    1. just might be written!
      Thanks..glad you like it!!

  3. This is a lovely sweet post.
    It is true that the friends we have in school turn out to me the ones that remain true forever :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  4. You have a absolutely great sense for what "Friendship" truly stands for. Great job in finding a great friend in Sakshi and a lovely tribute to your friend. A great Blog Post, i can feel it.


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