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I'm part of the site India Study Channel, where I write articles and post them.  (which I've mentioned before, about it in my previous blog). So basically I wrote on a bunch of different topics- abstract, political,etc.
I'm putting up the links for a few of my favourtie. Hope you enjoy!

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8.Right to Information Act
9.India's battles & the ruling of Peshawas.

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Don't get on the bus.

I travel by the APSRTC buses of Hyderabad. I've been going by these buses for a few months now and have learnt the bus-culture (exclusively metros and air conditioned buses).  There are 2 chairs reserved at the starting of the bus only for senior citizens and physically handicapped. (Hyderabad buses reserves the front part of the bus for women and the back for men).  Generally women, PHC and older citizens can grab those seats, but if any one else other older citizens sit in them, and the oldies start coming in, then we have to get up.
What REALLY ticks me off is the fact that, certain old people who climb onto these buses DEMAND that we get up and actually make this finger-pointing motion to us in a very derogatory way.
Yes, you are old. We respect your wisdom, your experiences and your age, but that is not how you request people to get up.
I mean-you have the energy to walk up to the bus-stop, the energy to climb and make your way through the heavily populated crowd at the front of the bus-door, but you don't have the energy to stand your way to your next stop? What about those who travel from one end of the city to the other? They have to get up just because you think your too old to stand? HELLO.
If you think you don't have to stand in a bus just because you are old, and even though you are in perfect condition, DON'T CLIMB ONTO ONE. Save us the seat. Simple.


The Smell That Traveled Across The World.

In the bus. Staring out the window with my head against the glass, aimlessly looking at the moving people and vehicles definitely made my eye-lids slowly droop.  The sun falling on my face only made me more lazier. People yelling, people climbing onto the bus, the bus jolting-didn't make a difference to me. My head started to hurt since it was tilted to one side. I slowly adjusted my-self, ending up being in the same position as before. The bus started to turn and I opened my eyes to this very spring-like smell. I know this smell. 9 years ago when I went for a field-trip, holding hands walking in two's. We were going to a park. The same smell. Nostalgia engulfed me till I opened my eyes and smiled and looked around. I'm not there though. I'm here.  Among the honking of cars and traffic jams. Among the road's of India. Thousand's of miles away from that field trip. The bus turned onto a bridge and the smell no longer existed. With my smile still dancing upon my lips, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the breeze once again.


I wake up to the mild wetness on my face.I realise that my window was open and it had just started raining. The breeze blowing against my purple curtains and into my room sent chills up my spine only making me pull my blanket tighter around me. I squinted while I looked out of my window.  Greyness engulfing the everything. Depressing. The rain now pouring harder against the buildings made the weather seem sad and sorrowful. The smell of wet Earth was refreshing, and in the distance, a dog howling made me think whether it found shelter from the sky's occasional moody moments. Brushing the hair falling on my eyes away, I slowly got up. Taking off the blankets- with the chilliness pressing against me, seemed very challenging. Not able to appreciate the scenery with a sense of respect made me stagger forward lazily towards the window and close it.  Giving one last look to the mournful beyond, I pulled the curtains close, walked back to my bed and climbed into it. 


The more I get,the more I want. The more I take the more I need. It doesn't stop. I know it isn't right. I know it isn't how I should be, but I still am.  The selfishness inside me still burns. The greed inside me won't die down. I dream of the day when I won't have to think about all of this. I dream of the day when I can tame the devil in me, but right now, I need it. I need what I want. The blackness inside me dances till I fear. Fear of not getting what I want. I know, my way of thinking might seem a little over the top. Might seem like I'm wanting too much, but I can't help it. Maybe I'm not mature enough to understand,  maybe I don't want to understand. Either way, God grant me the will to withhold my un-necessary desires and the patience to await my future.


Immature situation # 874

Immaturity. One thing I hate the most. People at times can be so childish. They just don't want to listen to the other person. They think they are the most righteous persons on earth and anyone else but their friends are liars. Even if the other person has an actual point, and even if that person has already made a statement worthy enough to end the entire conversation, the other person STILL has to go on. Still needs to be the one talking in the end. STILL has to be the one who gives the last reply. I mean, why? Whatever happened to dignified conversations? Whatever happened to the action of maturity? I mean your 24, and you’re having a conversation on how a 19 year old supposedly spread rumors of a guy who has been talking to her. The rumor’s are apparently from reliable sources. Apparently the 19 year old girl has been telling people that “x” texts her casually just like everyone else. Whereas “x” denies everything because he doesn’t want people thinking that he’s some guy-bimbo and instead is a sincere, good, studious boy. And that becomes “spreading dirty rumors”. I don’t even know how to react to such situations. I mean my sister whose 16 is way more mature than that.
I cannot believe that I actually have such people in my life.