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Immature situation # 874

Immaturity. One thing I hate the most. People at times can be so childish. They just don't want to listen to the other person. They think they are the most righteous persons on earth and anyone else but their friends are liars. Even if the other person has an actual point, and even if that person has already made a statement worthy enough to end the entire conversation, the other person STILL has to go on. Still needs to be the one talking in the end. STILL has to be the one who gives the last reply. I mean, why? Whatever happened to dignified conversations? Whatever happened to the action of maturity? I mean your 24, and you’re having a conversation on how a 19 year old supposedly spread rumors of a guy who has been talking to her. The rumor’s are apparently from reliable sources. Apparently the 19 year old girl has been telling people that “x” texts her casually just like everyone else. Whereas “x” denies everything because he doesn’t want people thinking that he’s some guy-bimbo and instead is a sincere, good, studious boy. And that becomes “spreading dirty rumors”. I don’t even know how to react to such situations. I mean my sister whose 16 is way more mature than that.
I cannot believe that I actually have such people in my life.

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