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The Walk

A cartoony making his way across the sidewalk and back.  Nothing more to it. Why did I want to do it?  I don't know.

There are times when I want to do the weirdest of the weirdest things, I get too fascinated with something and doing it becomes my temporary life goal. 
Therefore, this video.  



Another Stupid Encounter

There are times when guys act so insensitive that I start to question all of guy-kind’s mentality.  Although I’ve addressed many situations with a duller than a dead corpse response, today's incident was just insensitive, so pathetic that to address it would bring me down to lowest level of foolishness.

I’m on Facebook, just like the other millions of people, minding my own business (and watching others since it’s so publicly out there).  Maybe my mind wasn’t in the right place when I added him but I did add “ Person X” just because the mutual friends were quite high. 

  And so I forgot about him like I do to a lot of people I don’t generally know more than by mere recognition of face.
A conversation sparks off like this :

Person X: Hey hottie

Me : I’m sorry, I don’t really know you [which is kind of weird since I did end up adding him]

Person X: You don’t know me???? Everyone knows me.

Me: I don’t.

Person X: That’s okay; you’re a mutual friend of Person Y

Me: Yea so? Do I know you personally? [I at this point realized I knew him but decided to not give in since I really wanted him to bring his precious ego down]

Person X: Does that matter?

[Desperateness now creeps in]

Me: Yes it does. Were you in my school?

Person X: I was called SPT. [Initials changed]

Me: Oh, so you are 5 years senior to me, I remember now that I saw you once or twice in school

Person X: Exactly. So how are your friends? How is Person Z, are you in touch with her?

[At this point, I wanted to take out a saw and butcher his neck.  Forget asking how I was, but rather jumped into how my friends were.  If that was what he wanted to know, Facebook has invented something called a “search box” that allows its users to search for people and directly message them.  How his brain hasn’t evolved is not a matter of shock to me but yet it pleased me to know that I had thought right about him]

Me: <No reply>

Person X : >.<

Me: <No reply>

Person X: ok fine, bye.

Me: <No reply>

30 seconds later ….

Person X: You look really different [An attempt to revive the conversation]

Me:  (:

Don’t let guys like that have the info they want.  It’s an insult to your intelligence.  Flick them away like you’d snap your fingers.