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Can't Sleep When I'm In A Bad Mood

It’s just one of those days where I’m moody. No reason. Maybe it’s that time for girls that make them like that. Either way, its 1028 and I’m supposed to be in bed (that’s right, I sleep for 9 hours a day) but I’m not tired.

 Maybe just a little, but not enough where I want to say good night to today.  I haven't been blogging in a while and I don't know how many religiously follow it but to those who do I’m sorry for no recent posts.
Any ways, it raining outside and there is a power-cut (quite a common thing here in India) and all that could come to my head was, "okay lets write something".
I’ve been unusually quiet this evening and I don’t know why. I just don't feel like being nice to the un-invited guests at my house right now.  Any other day I would have loved company but today was just not mine. I'm sure they noticed me being a little different but hey, I'm allowed to be off-color too.

So basically, all of a sudden my mom tells me we're having guests. *yipeee* (being sarcastic) cause my plan for then was to write in this really new cool notebook I bought (yes, fact #593957385793 about me is that I have a fetish for really cute/elegant/funky looking notebooks). What to write I didn’t know but I just had to fill it up with something, and just when I was about to I have people pouring into my home.

So now I had to be with them and talk to them because they were really close to my mum and not doing the basic formalities would have just been disastrous. #avoid. so after talking to them, (although I didn't do a very good job of that) for a while I snuck out and wrote a few of my audit notes in the book and closed it cause I didn't know what else to write in it. 
Any ways so I had dinner and I’m up in my room. Relieved of all responsibilities for the day (which are probably actually nothing really) and now I'm thinking about how it is outside. Black. I hate the rain. Yea sure the earthy smell and the rejuvenations of crops and all is a good thing but I don't like it. Rain results in messiness. It results in water everywhere which make my feet wet when I’m wearing sandals. They make things all smelly when I’m travelling, and the list goes on.

This is how I feel I need to be before stepping out in the rain. Completely protected from any sort of contact with water.  Extreme? Maybe. I just don’t like rain.  In the end I do come home being wet. It doesn't help. I am still a victim of nature’s moody moments just as my friends are of mine.  That’s life, I guess.
 Ultimately, at the end of the day I am in my bed complaining about how it’s cold, dark and wet it is outside when I should be asleep.
p.s. I do tend to write a lot just when I’m about to go to sleep. I don't know why but all my energy to write something somehow comes up right then!


  1. Don't come to the UK, it's been raining non stop since January, maybe even last Summer - with the exceptions of a few (like you can count them on your fingers) hot days! :(
    New follower from BSN.
    Esmeralda @

    1. haha..well then I won't come anytime soon!
      Thanks so much for the follow!
      I liked your page too!
      Looks real interesting.

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    xo ali

  3. If you are blogging at 3 am you must have been uber grumpy.

    1. haha..naa...i wrote it at 1030 pm! I live in India!
      I need to change the zone timings!

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  5. Loved th way u and lucid...and ya,guests r irritating at times :-p

    1. thanks so much! glad u like it!
      haha..tell me about it! :D

  6. =) Hi nice blogg!! You know, i think its the under knowing mentally that pops up so you can write more when you really been planing not to write more lol. Weird. =) well hope you have a great day/evening. Hugs


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