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Another Day, Another Change : Day #7252

I hate it when my internet just randomly stops working. Pages take a million years to load, and then as impatient as I am, I just end up closing all the tabs and then click the chrome button almost immediately.  This time I decided to write another post. 
The only thing that truly kept me happy the whole of last week was that activity relating to my blog increased.  #WOHOOO. Another thing I realized was that I have now started using hash tags almost everywhere. This is the result of twitter addiction. I used to hate it entirely before, because it felt like I was tweeting to a wall, but now, I don’t know, it just feels NICE. Completely random. I know. I’ve been thinking about what to write, and there isn’t really much happening right now. 

Hmm, how about I tell you what I’ve been doing at work?

Okay, basically (overview), what I do is audit. I’m an intern at a CA  firm ( Chartered Accountancy), and we do stuff relating to audit, tax, etc etc. basically check into the financial health of a company and see if stuff are in accordance, check documents, tds, advance tax, service tax, ETC ETC. So yea, right now I’m with my colleague at a manufacturing company called “Patil Industries”. It’s HUGE, so unlike other audits I’ve been on before, this one will take time. As an auditor we are supposed to CHECK documents, but these people have to get their documents and stuff from factories that are spread all across India. We can’t audit if we don’t have the documents. WHAT’S THE POINT of auditing if we can’t check evidence?! So basically all we do is go to work at 1030 am, wait for the office boy to get us our coffee, sit in the air conditioned room, use their internet and do a little surfing, wait for lunch, go to any nice eating joint, eat, give them (company)the lunch bill ( since any company we audit is supposed to re-imburse auditors lunch and conveyance bills), then sit back in our air conditioned cabin, do a little more surfing, wait for the guy to get our evening coffee, drink and leave. People might think, OMG, you are so lucky, you don’t have to work and, you get to sit and A/c room, and have your lunch bill paid and blah blah, BUT NO. Its fine for a day or two, but then? It’s boring. I’m an intern, my job is to learn. What am I going to do when I become a CA and I don’t know the basics cause I was having fun at a client’ office? NO. I had fun but now it’s annoying. I just want to get this audit over with and go back to my own office. GET ME THOSE DOCUMENTS. #likerightnow.

Btw, the title was a much thought about thing for me because there are going to be posts about the random things I do on a daily basis from now on and I thought I should use this title for those posts too , except for the #. The # basically represents my age! As of this day I am 7252 days old!  So that will obviously change.



  1. I like your blog! Do you want to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin?


  2. good one..! nd ya too much fun is boring.. nd esp at work..! experienced dat for quite some time.. (:


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