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Guns & Roses

What do you do when there's a power cut? A lot of people tend to drown in boredom, and although I was about to go down the same path, an hour of not doing anything would just kill me. Restless I am, so there was no way I could sit idle.
Opened Word Pad.
 I used to make designs with the letters and that was what I proposed to do then.
I had no idea what I was going to make.   I was randomly hitting the "g" button and started improvising from there. I made a head then a torso and then started to extend the hair. I might as well make a body.
I decided not to make any feet cause it might look awkward but tried it anyway. Eh, looked fine.
I was going to declare my art as "done", when I thought it looked kinda weird that her hands were inconspicuous.
I decided to make them noticeable with her hands up because I didn't know what else to do. It would look extremely stupid if I had a picture of a girl with her hands up for no reason, since I obviously didn't plan on drawing a background , that might otherwise make my figure look like she was addressing nature, so instead I gave her 2 guns.
Among all the things I could put in her hand, I put guns. The dreaded yet highly glorified weapon. Ironic. Yes. Still, I could have put flowers in her hands, but how would it look if a lady was holding flowers "up"? Down, fine. Assuming she was putting it some where. Held out in front, well, yea, that could have worked, but no. I guess that brings out me. I'm not a flowery person. No, I'm not a gun person also, but that was the first thing that hit me. Call me gangster, #appreciate. I'm different. Then, while writing this blog I decided I should make a "lady with the flowers" and collaborate both of them. All I had to do was change the hands position.
The picture would indicate two sides of Man, in this case, Woman.
So now, innocent Wordpad doodle turned into a philosophical message.
 How ideas are born out of ideas.



My First Upload!!

This is my first upload! I'm not going to call it a video because its basically just a picture with some text, but I'm very proud!! I think it looks very pretty!!

Basically, the reason I did an upload was because of my blog!
What is the main problem that people have when they start a blog? FOLLOWERS!
It's extremely important to have them but is equally difficult to attain. It takes time to generate a decent number.
So suddenly, I decided why not make a page? A page that is dedicated only for those who need followers? I made it so definitely I'll be taking a look at all those that happen to respond to my page!
At the same time I uploaded it on YouTube hoping that more people might come across it and a bigger platform can be built!
So I'm not hoping for anything too big but lets see how it all fans out.
(This is the actual picture in case the vid is too small)


I Will Dream

I dream of laying in the green grass that's still a little wet and staring up at the clear blue sky.I dream of myself with my hands behind my back looking at the nothingness above and having a mind only filled with bliss.I dream that once I get up, I won' t have to worry and that every thing will be okay. I have a house in the distance and everyone is outside, setting the table for lunch. I smile while I float over and gently land in front of them. They smile with the brightest glow in their faces. I hear my dogs playing. I hear my family talking in happiness and I close my eyes, laughing to myself, and I wake up. Still smiling. Hoping that one day life will really be that way. Until then, I will dream. Until then, I will believe in that beautiful day.


Untitled Story

ow I’m about to go with my story is something I have no idea with. The process of writing is a hobby that I’ve had for very long time. I’ve started stories and ended stories within a span of a few hours, but the stories never had a proper ending till now since my lack of interest faded as soon as I came to a road-block in between my script. Laziness then forced me to close the screen and move on to other things.  I was always never confident  of having my stories, published. It kind hit me as to why I was even writing in the first place when no one was going to read and appreciate it ( apart from my family, of course). I kind of felt hesitant actually to show off what I wrote, since obviously I’m no profound writer. I’m sure there were way better writers than me even in my classroom so let’s say it was a mix of under self-confidence and the idea that I couldn’t get it to be published first secretly, get it famous and then show it off.  No.  That wasn’t a very legit idea. So then, I started a blog.  I had no idea what to do in it apart from the fact that having my own blog sounded very fascinating.  So then, I started. Again, my apprehension started. I don’t have any followers. Who is going to be reading what I wrote?  Who is going to comment, criticize and suggest what I should be writing? The problems are never ending, but still, knowing it will come up on some page of some search engine pushed me into starting. I liked what I wrote, and building up the self-esteem, I did show it to a few of my friends. By this time, I was a few years older than when I wanted to write stories. My friends liked them, and I ultimately made them by followers. Blog spot did have a bunch of gadgets to add on so I started experimenting, and gave my blog a very new look. So proud. *sniff*. I also added  a page-view counter, and to this day I have around 500 page views ( not including mine). Not a lot for sure, but it satisfied me into thinking that people went through at least one post of mine. Why they didn’t follow was a question to which the answer of mine was so weighted towards boosting my self-confidence, i.e.,  I assumed they didn’t know how to follow, or they didn’t have an e-mail Id to follow me.
Any ways, still, I wrote, and I kept updating my friends about what I wrote. They liked it. Some of them were really surprised by my creativity, and some agreed to my blunt view of a girl’s teenage life-to which I had more than a few situations to relate to. Later on, regardless of any one reading or not, it became a my ventilation source. If I wanted to write something that was too long for Facebook, Google+ or twitter, it would go into my blog.   My blog is completely random, but the odds of how many people would be interested in a random girl’s blog about random topics was a figure I didn’t really want to calculate. Maybe in a few years  time, my blog’s would be more widely read.
Now, the interest has arisen in me again. It happened after a really long time, but this time I know I can come up with something I can finish. So now, to think about what I should write about. 


26 And Still Strong.

26 years and their marriage is still running without any signs of permanent roadblock. Sure there’s been the up’s and downs but hey, what’s a marriage if u don’t get a taste of everything?
Anyways, today I’m not here to discuss the elements of marriage but rather proudly be the 1st daughter of the best couple in the world : My parents.
It wasn’t until the last moment that my sis and I had decided to make a card. I got them both perfumes and thought of giving them just that. (Sad, I know), but then my sis was like “card”? It was already 730pm and there was no way that we could go out then (big ceremony going on then at my house so) So *ping* we decided to get creative and make our own card and envelope! (since it would look just plain sad if we made a home-made card and stuck it in a plain white ready-made envelope).
How I made my card. 

This is how I made my card.
The card reads: A very happy 26th anniversary! This day becomes more and more prominent with each passing year and we thank you for it.
Love, Bhavani & Kathie
 Nothing too fancy and certainly nothing extravagant but we were happy. My sis and I thought it was cute. The 2 girls obviously represent me and my sis ( I, being the older and kinder one decided to give her the balloons) and the way they were drawn were on purpose to depict that “ we will still be children in front of them”. The rest all was just stuff that I thought would go with the setting and cuteness. #craftremix.

And this is how the whole picture stood. (Literally)

All that was left was to fold the card and put it in!

Surprisingly the card fit exactly into it after 2 folds!

So basically, you don’t need to splurge a lot to get someone something thoughtful, and especially if it’s your parents (they’ll like it even if you give them an apple for their anniversary) being original and creative is all that it takes. I don’t know if the world will like what we did, but I know that my parents would be very proud.

All it takes is a little thought.
Happy anniversary mom and dad, we love you. <3


Hyderabad Metro- Not for me.

You can't expect every one to be like you. No. That would just be too perfect, BUT the minimum amount of decency to be maintained CANNOT be compromised.   My statement is a result of my experiences in traveling by the Hyderabad Metro. I finally understood why people like me cannot travel by such a mode of transport.
First of all, there is NO such thins as " trains coming on time". If a train is scheduled to arrive at 5, we are grateful to have to arrive within the half hour its supposed to come. I never used to travel by the MMTS because the thought of even seeing that thing move used to scare me, now, it disgusts me.
Let me start off by describing the "Ticker Issuer". It's my first time travelling with another friend of mine who also doesn't travel by train, and we are standing there, discussing which train goes where, and we have no clue as to why we decided to take the mmts, but since we were already there we decided to go ahead with it, and omg, that "TI" starts yelling at us! We apparently were blocking the "que" behind us, which basically comprised of like 3 people who were hardly bothered about our standing there. Finally, some guy who was kind enough to understand our complete lack of knowledge, explained what to do and what ticket to take and where, so when we go to the counter to ask, he stats babbling again about how we aren't supposed to block people's way , and then he doesn't give us our ticket stating that it doesn't go to the station we were planning on going. We had to ask him again,this time more firmly to make sure that he knew that we knew what we were doing. That's why old, grumpy people shouldn't sit behind counters. Puts everyone off.
Second. The train platform is much more cleaner than the people that actually come onto it. I realized how the majority of the cheapest ( and I mean this in a character related way) people of Hyderabad actually travel. I agree, 2 rupees is VERY cheap, but i guess, along with the cheap mode of transport comes along with it, the cheapest of the people.
Standing on the platform was the hardest thing to do. The number of eye-balls digging into you as you stand to a corner is just too much. Guys act as if they have never seen a female specie in their life. That's just one side to it.
The other problem that one has to fear is about getting onto the train. The train doesn't stop for more than 15 seconds, and in that time, you have about a million people trying to get off and get on. Where the ladies compartment starts and where the general ends, only a regularly train traveler would know, because all the time, I'm thinking, it's enough to get ON the train, forget compartments. I realized that my notion was VERY wrong.
There is a huge reason why the segregation was made and I understood that when I stood for 5 minutes in it. Being the fastest mode of transport, still, I found it to be painfully slow. All I could think was, " how fast the next stop would come, how fast I could get off".
Being a girl, it comes with the package of being in public places. People stare, but not shifting your eye-balls to any other direction but your face is just plain torture.
Once I was off, I cherished the bus travel very much. I don't think I'd ever travel in a train again, at-least during that time. Way too dangerous.


Virtual Memories

I'm in my office, supposed to be working, but it's not happening at the rate my sir's would like me to work at. I'm alone on an audit today. My sir's who were supposed to come here, ditched me (which basically means they're busy with some other client's work) and I'm sitting in this air-conditioned room all by myself.  This kind of atmosphere does incline me to go check out my notifications on Facebook, twitter and google+, but that doesn't keep up my interest for too long. The blinds for my office windows are half shut, and through the other half I look at the buildings terrace in front of mine. Wet. Rain. #Hate. It's all grey  outside, and that color doesn't work out for any thing but clothes.  So I'm sitting here, looking out the window at the roads and the trees without really any kind of thought-process going on in my head apart from the fact that some of the employee might come and peek at my computer and realise I'm not working, but no one does that right? After all I'm an "auditor-in-the-making". Any ways, then I look at today's date when I check my phone to see a message (I know, I could of just looked at the damn computer screen, but I didn't) and I realize that  in 3 weeks I'm going back to a place I once was brought up in. I think about all the places I've been to and try to remember all the stores I walked into, and then I open a new tab and go to google maps. I locate the country, province, city and finally the street I grew up on. I'm now standing in front of a bank my mum used to take me. I start roaming around. I first head out to my  house, which hasn't changed much except for maybe the flower patches that are now non-existent and over-done with cement. Seeing the windows that I used to look out of 8 years ago made me smile and wondered how it was inside. I moved forward now. School. This institution defined my childhood and for that I am ever grateful. I walk around it. The junior wing, and then the senior wing, and then the middle school where I never joined, although I never really wanted to. I looked out onto the field and stopped. Looking through the holed fence, I could imagine myself gripping it in between the gaps and staring out as far as I could into the school campus. Google maps obviously couldn't take me inside so I satisfied myself by counting the number of days I had left before I would actually be there. Moving around, I saw the lanes that I used to walk from, but decided not to venture out any more than I could solidly remember. Circling back to where I started my virtual school tour, I saw a fence. A brown one which now stood in place of where a huge flower bush once was from where I used to pull out leaves ( although I was told not to). A few renovations here and there, not so much of a major change. Guess they couldn't maintain it anymore. Sad. It did smell nice. I walked further away from where I used to stay, to see the stores. I tried remembering where a friend used to live and found her building. The supermarket and dollar store were right there too. The delight I felt in seeing the shops I once walked into. I wanted to venture out further towards the community centre, but then something came over me, like a hint of frustration. How long? I waited 8 years to go back, and now with days remaining for my departure, I can't seem to hold the excitement in me. Looking at where I stood so long ago makes me so nervous. I wish I could go back and have nothing change. I wish I could start my journey from where I left off. Although nostalgia is taking me over now, at the back of my head there's something that doesn't agree with what I feel entirely. Maybe I don't want to relive those moments, rather, maybe I don't need to relive those moments. Maybe I'm in a good spot, a better spot than before and I just don't realize it.
Anyhow, going back is going to be a whole new story, and I want to live every second of it, so all you people from my past, #betterwatchout cause here I come.