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Virtual Memories

I'm in my office, supposed to be working, but it's not happening at the rate my sir's would like me to work at. I'm alone on an audit today. My sir's who were supposed to come here, ditched me (which basically means they're busy with some other client's work) and I'm sitting in this air-conditioned room all by myself.  This kind of atmosphere does incline me to go check out my notifications on Facebook, twitter and google+, but that doesn't keep up my interest for too long. The blinds for my office windows are half shut, and through the other half I look at the buildings terrace in front of mine. Wet. Rain. #Hate. It's all grey  outside, and that color doesn't work out for any thing but clothes.  So I'm sitting here, looking out the window at the roads and the trees without really any kind of thought-process going on in my head apart from the fact that some of the employee might come and peek at my computer and realise I'm not working, but no one does that right? After all I'm an "auditor-in-the-making". Any ways, then I look at today's date when I check my phone to see a message (I know, I could of just looked at the damn computer screen, but I didn't) and I realize that  in 3 weeks I'm going back to a place I once was brought up in. I think about all the places I've been to and try to remember all the stores I walked into, and then I open a new tab and go to google maps. I locate the country, province, city and finally the street I grew up on. I'm now standing in front of a bank my mum used to take me. I start roaming around. I first head out to my  house, which hasn't changed much except for maybe the flower patches that are now non-existent and over-done with cement. Seeing the windows that I used to look out of 8 years ago made me smile and wondered how it was inside. I moved forward now. School. This institution defined my childhood and for that I am ever grateful. I walk around it. The junior wing, and then the senior wing, and then the middle school where I never joined, although I never really wanted to. I looked out onto the field and stopped. Looking through the holed fence, I could imagine myself gripping it in between the gaps and staring out as far as I could into the school campus. Google maps obviously couldn't take me inside so I satisfied myself by counting the number of days I had left before I would actually be there. Moving around, I saw the lanes that I used to walk from, but decided not to venture out any more than I could solidly remember. Circling back to where I started my virtual school tour, I saw a fence. A brown one which now stood in place of where a huge flower bush once was from where I used to pull out leaves ( although I was told not to). A few renovations here and there, not so much of a major change. Guess they couldn't maintain it anymore. Sad. It did smell nice. I walked further away from where I used to stay, to see the stores. I tried remembering where a friend used to live and found her building. The supermarket and dollar store were right there too. The delight I felt in seeing the shops I once walked into. I wanted to venture out further towards the community centre, but then something came over me, like a hint of frustration. How long? I waited 8 years to go back, and now with days remaining for my departure, I can't seem to hold the excitement in me. Looking at where I stood so long ago makes me so nervous. I wish I could go back and have nothing change. I wish I could start my journey from where I left off. Although nostalgia is taking me over now, at the back of my head there's something that doesn't agree with what I feel entirely. Maybe I don't want to relive those moments, rather, maybe I don't need to relive those moments. Maybe I'm in a good spot, a better spot than before and I just don't realize it.
Anyhow, going back is going to be a whole new story, and I want to live every second of it, so all you people from my past, #betterwatchout cause here I come.

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