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ow I’m about to go with my story is something I have no idea with. The process of writing is a hobby that I’ve had for very long time. I’ve started stories and ended stories within a span of a few hours, but the stories never had a proper ending till now since my lack of interest faded as soon as I came to a road-block in between my script. Laziness then forced me to close the screen and move on to other things.  I was always never confident  of having my stories, published. It kind hit me as to why I was even writing in the first place when no one was going to read and appreciate it ( apart from my family, of course). I kind of felt hesitant actually to show off what I wrote, since obviously I’m no profound writer. I’m sure there were way better writers than me even in my classroom so let’s say it was a mix of under self-confidence and the idea that I couldn’t get it to be published first secretly, get it famous and then show it off.  No.  That wasn’t a very legit idea. So then, I started a blog.  I had no idea what to do in it apart from the fact that having my own blog sounded very fascinating.  So then, I started. Again, my apprehension started. I don’t have any followers. Who is going to be reading what I wrote?  Who is going to comment, criticize and suggest what I should be writing? The problems are never ending, but still, knowing it will come up on some page of some search engine pushed me into starting. I liked what I wrote, and building up the self-esteem, I did show it to a few of my friends. By this time, I was a few years older than when I wanted to write stories. My friends liked them, and I ultimately made them by followers. Blog spot did have a bunch of gadgets to add on so I started experimenting, and gave my blog a very new look. So proud. *sniff*. I also added  a page-view counter, and to this day I have around 500 page views ( not including mine). Not a lot for sure, but it satisfied me into thinking that people went through at least one post of mine. Why they didn’t follow was a question to which the answer of mine was so weighted towards boosting my self-confidence, i.e.,  I assumed they didn’t know how to follow, or they didn’t have an e-mail Id to follow me.
Any ways, still, I wrote, and I kept updating my friends about what I wrote. They liked it. Some of them were really surprised by my creativity, and some agreed to my blunt view of a girl’s teenage life-to which I had more than a few situations to relate to. Later on, regardless of any one reading or not, it became a my ventilation source. If I wanted to write something that was too long for Facebook, Google+ or twitter, it would go into my blog.   My blog is completely random, but the odds of how many people would be interested in a random girl’s blog about random topics was a figure I didn’t really want to calculate. Maybe in a few years  time, my blog’s would be more widely read.
Now, the interest has arisen in me again. It happened after a really long time, but this time I know I can come up with something I can finish. So now, to think about what I should write about. 


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