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My Cold & A Rubber-band

Normally I tend to wake up around 730 am, go down, have my tea, take a bath, breakfast and then work. Today morning was supposed to be the same, but because of my cold it wasn’t. I get colds at the slightest change in weather. Bad immunity? Maybe. So I have been suffering endlessly since yesterday. I came home, fever starting to brew in me. Mum gave me a high dose pill and I slept like a log.
It was all fine, but when I got up, still feeling like the pill was working itself, it was 820.

 My head hurt. I ran downstairs to have my morning tea and asked mum why she couldn’t wake me up earlier. She wanted me to take rest. Mum’s. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling all that great even after the pill. Like the world was spinning in front of me, I still decided to get ready for work (cause I love what I do).
Managing the day wouldn’t be a big deal, but my parents thought otherwise.
I come down, and my sister (who has a holiday for an exam tomorrow) told me not to go, trying to make me believe that I was so un-well I could faint any second. Not taking much notice to her dramatic statement, I went into the kitchen. Mum was making lunch for me and at the same time was telling me not to go to work. What is it with everyone? I am fine. I’ll manage it. All the while, during the process of my lunch-making she was telling me to call in sick.

 NO mom, you made lunch for me. I have to go for that atleast.
 I was asking for a rubber band to tie this newspaper; in the background of all the endless denials towards me. My need was subjugated. Then my sister goes up to my dad and tells him I’m not feeling well. 
Dad, being extremely cautious would not stand for a second if my health hindered, let it be a cold, or even the slightest paper cut. 
"Don’t go". Simple. The same words I’ve been hearing for the last 20 minutes.
I have a deadline at work.
 I still needed the rubber band to tie the newspaper around my lunch box (because it would leak otherwise and I keep forgetting to buy Tupperware). Now slightly increasing the pitch I asked for it.

Dad tells me to keep my voice down or I’ll lose energy. Everyone’s talking at once about how I can miss one day of work and how the entire company isn’t only running on profits because of me.
My rubber band.

 Go find it, it’s somewhere in the back.
 Fed up, I left them to their talking and mutual agreement against me. Could not find it. My sister starts her act again and for the last time I ask for the rubber band. Everyone now has finished complaining how I don’t look after my health and in my face decide for me I should stay at home and take rest. (Although that led me to this).

 I slammed by box down on the table. It’s been decided. I’m not going anywhere.
 So much for the rubber band now.


  1. Awww :( Hope you feel better and find that rubber band!!

    -The Anon Bloggers

  2. Do take care of your cold ... but this one really made me laugh ... hilarious post, and the pictures rock :-)

    1. thank you! :D Glad i could do that. (:

  3. The Illustrations are Awesome. And sorry about your cold too, i've been sick for the past week too because of the frequent weather changes (Didn't go to institute for 1 week now lol) I do hope you feel better ad keep a separate set of rubber bands in your room desk next time xD

  4. I get migraines at the slightest change of weather. SO I feel you pain. Your work is amazing! btw - i am your newest follower. Follow me back please.

  5. This is soo good Bhavani :) I hope your in pink of health now :D :)

  6. I must be dedicated to my work as well since I pushed through my teaching day with a migraine headache. Of course, I did keep the lights off all day, so my students might have been sleeping and I might have been teaching no one.


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