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26 And Still Strong.

26 years and their marriage is still running without any signs of permanent roadblock. Sure there’s been the up’s and downs but hey, what’s a marriage if u don’t get a taste of everything?
Anyways, today I’m not here to discuss the elements of marriage but rather proudly be the 1st daughter of the best couple in the world : My parents.
It wasn’t until the last moment that my sis and I had decided to make a card. I got them both perfumes and thought of giving them just that. (Sad, I know), but then my sis was like “card”? It was already 730pm and there was no way that we could go out then (big ceremony going on then at my house so) So *ping* we decided to get creative and make our own card and envelope! (since it would look just plain sad if we made a home-made card and stuck it in a plain white ready-made envelope).
How I made my card. 

This is how I made my card.
The card reads: A very happy 26th anniversary! This day becomes more and more prominent with each passing year and we thank you for it.
Love, Bhavani & Kathie
 Nothing too fancy and certainly nothing extravagant but we were happy. My sis and I thought it was cute. The 2 girls obviously represent me and my sis ( I, being the older and kinder one decided to give her the balloons) and the way they were drawn were on purpose to depict that “ we will still be children in front of them”. The rest all was just stuff that I thought would go with the setting and cuteness. #craftremix.

And this is how the whole picture stood. (Literally)

All that was left was to fold the card and put it in!

Surprisingly the card fit exactly into it after 2 folds!

So basically, you don’t need to splurge a lot to get someone something thoughtful, and especially if it’s your parents (they’ll like it even if you give them an apple for their anniversary) being original and creative is all that it takes. I don’t know if the world will like what we did, but I know that my parents would be very proud.

All it takes is a little thought.
Happy anniversary mom and dad, we love you. <3


  1. "proudly be the 1st daughter of the best couple in the world"
    very nice

    1. That I am. haha!
      I'm so glad you're taking an interest to my writings!

  2. Very cute card and also lovely blog. Positive Fountain, that's me following your blog.

  3. Hi Bhavani,
    I've been checking out your blog for a couple of days now and its interesting. Like it!!!!!!!!!!


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