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My First Upload!!

This is my first upload! I'm not going to call it a video because its basically just a picture with some text, but I'm very proud!! I think it looks very pretty!!

Basically, the reason I did an upload was because of my blog!
What is the main problem that people have when they start a blog? FOLLOWERS!
It's extremely important to have them but is equally difficult to attain. It takes time to generate a decent number.
So suddenly, I decided why not make a page? A page that is dedicated only for those who need followers? I made it so definitely I'll be taking a look at all those that happen to respond to my page!
At the same time I uploaded it on YouTube hoping that more people might come across it and a bigger platform can be built!
So I'm not hoping for anything too big but lets see how it all fans out.
(This is the actual picture in case the vid is too small)


  1. Hey there,
    To start with, the name you selected grab my attention, its very very nice and interesting
    I just read your Untitled story and can estimate how good u are at writing
    I'll read all of them and come back
    thank you ;)


Wohoooo, thanks for the comment!