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Hyderabad Metro- Not for me.

You can't expect every one to be like you. No. That would just be too perfect, BUT the minimum amount of decency to be maintained CANNOT be compromised.   My statement is a result of my experiences in traveling by the Hyderabad Metro. I finally understood why people like me cannot travel by such a mode of transport.
First of all, there is NO such thins as " trains coming on time". If a train is scheduled to arrive at 5, we are grateful to have to arrive within the half hour its supposed to come. I never used to travel by the MMTS because the thought of even seeing that thing move used to scare me, now, it disgusts me.
Let me start off by describing the "Ticker Issuer". It's my first time travelling with another friend of mine who also doesn't travel by train, and we are standing there, discussing which train goes where, and we have no clue as to why we decided to take the mmts, but since we were already there we decided to go ahead with it, and omg, that "TI" starts yelling at us! We apparently were blocking the "que" behind us, which basically comprised of like 3 people who were hardly bothered about our standing there. Finally, some guy who was kind enough to understand our complete lack of knowledge, explained what to do and what ticket to take and where, so when we go to the counter to ask, he stats babbling again about how we aren't supposed to block people's way , and then he doesn't give us our ticket stating that it doesn't go to the station we were planning on going. We had to ask him again,this time more firmly to make sure that he knew that we knew what we were doing. That's why old, grumpy people shouldn't sit behind counters. Puts everyone off.
Second. The train platform is much more cleaner than the people that actually come onto it. I realized how the majority of the cheapest ( and I mean this in a character related way) people of Hyderabad actually travel. I agree, 2 rupees is VERY cheap, but i guess, along with the cheap mode of transport comes along with it, the cheapest of the people.
Standing on the platform was the hardest thing to do. The number of eye-balls digging into you as you stand to a corner is just too much. Guys act as if they have never seen a female specie in their life. That's just one side to it.
The other problem that one has to fear is about getting onto the train. The train doesn't stop for more than 15 seconds, and in that time, you have about a million people trying to get off and get on. Where the ladies compartment starts and where the general ends, only a regularly train traveler would know, because all the time, I'm thinking, it's enough to get ON the train, forget compartments. I realized that my notion was VERY wrong.
There is a huge reason why the segregation was made and I understood that when I stood for 5 minutes in it. Being the fastest mode of transport, still, I found it to be painfully slow. All I could think was, " how fast the next stop would come, how fast I could get off".
Being a girl, it comes with the package of being in public places. People stare, but not shifting your eye-balls to any other direction but your face is just plain torture.
Once I was off, I cherished the bus travel very much. I don't think I'd ever travel in a train again, at-least during that time. Way too dangerous.


  1. Its a very pity situation, but as u said its the cheapest way of will come along with cheap better be ware...or else buy a CAR :-P

  2. I was almost in to the station while reading this post, very nice
    to mention "The train platform is much more cleaner than the people that actually come onto it"
    very good

    1. yes. that line has extreme significance.
      Thank you.


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