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You Have Been Banished.

Talking about my vacation is probably not a good idea.  Why? When I have to explain something so vast, I’d have to make sure I won’t miss out on any details and it’s such an enormous thing to write about. 

If I did miss something, it would be incomplete and I’m paranoid that everything requires an explanation or the essence of that event is not justified.  Hence, I will not be writing about my vacation [which I am currently still on and enjoying].


Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  8 years does a lot to a person. It changes them for the better and sometimes it changes them for the worse.  

What was I thinking when I thought people would be as ecstatic as me? Was my assumption of them throwing everything aside to meet me a little over the top?  

I know a lot of people and a lot of people did I wish to visit.  Only some stayed true to their feelings and the others decided to not let me know either way.  

That hurt me. 

When you said you’d do something and then go off the grid, it leaves me confused if not frustrated.  Why would you say something like that and then decide to not communicate later? 

When I came here, I was happy. 

Happy that maybe people have grown up and changed, but no.  People have grown meaner.  I had to erase some of them when I came here and although it was painful, I realized that you shouldn’t treat someone like a celebrity. 

Some of us are on very different levels.

I higher than them. Vanity? No. just the facts of life laid across in front of me.

What can I do? 


Accept it, never look back and move on.  My real friends told me to not worry about it.  I am grateful for the remaining friends I have here who always genuinely looked forward to meeting me. 
Why did I think I needed to be associated with everyone else? I don’t know.

I am here right now, with the people who want to be with me. I am with people where our feelings our mutual.

My advice? Do not run around people who you have to constantly remind about your presence.

I can’t wait to meet the rest of my friends, and I mean my real friends.

As for you, you have now been banished from my life.


  1. There are really many MANY factors that influence a relationship, even just as friends. Time, separation, health, wealth, jealousy, hatred, anger and many more. True friends overcome it others don't. And those who don't, push them in the closet and lock that closet never to be opened again :D

  2. this is soo true! love it! :D good work!

  3. Hello! Dropped by your blog! Enjoyed this post so much! Keep it up and keep blogging! :D

  4. True that..

    M doing the same..
    Flitering my frnds..
    The true ones n the ones who contact me coz thye r bored..

    N m the real one :-P

  5. "Do not run around people who you have to constantly remind about your presence." This is so, so true. I just finished cleaning up my Facebook account for this very reason. It feels great. I think I need to do the same for my blogroll.

    1. That's good. Get the negativity out. You should do one for your blog!


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