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Plan Cancelled.

It's a Sunday and generally this is the day for most plans to work out for mostly everyone, but for me, it was the other way around.
Sunday morning. Bored.

 First of all, to go out anywhere apart from the area that I stay in, requires a lot of planning. I'm a more of a on-the-spot type of planner, of course the upcoming party on Saturday is an exception., so anyways, I was supposed to meet this girl who I met so randomly but it didn't work out cause she had a family plan come up in between and I couldn’t go too far into the city (cause I didn’t want to do a lot of traveling) so we planned for another time, being this Saturday again, and went back to doing whatever we were doing.  What’s really weird is that I don’t even know how this girl looks like. Confused? Let me start from the beginning.
I was actually dying to write a post on this incident a few days ago but I don't know why I didn't do it. Any ways, this is how it started:
I was standing at the bust stop waiting for a rather empty bus, which although might be impossible at 845 am , still made me hope, and just as I saw an empty bus come around the corner she came up to me, her face covered with a beige scarf and she asked me which bus went to ameerpet, I told her if she waited for 15 min then she'd get an empty bus and at this point we were conversing in Telugu, but when I started in English she spoke in a recognizable American accent. I didn’t show my surprise but I did know that this moment was going to change our day altogether.
 We talked till the bus came and both of got on. "I’m actually glad you're coming with me" was what she said and we sat together. She and I both lived in America (me living in Canada more though), both of us came back to India for our education and both of us were going to college. These common filters were enough to make us good friends in no time. We talked and talked and just couldn't' believe the fact that out of all the people at the bus stop, she had to come and ask me.  Then, when the conductor came to ask for our ticket, we both took out our wallets out and that was it. We became hysterical. We both had the SAME wallets! Hers in black and mine in red. Both wallets not being bought from India. That was the highlight moment. We just couldn't take in our excitement! We talked after that a little more just to realize we hadn't even figured out each other’s names. Crazy. 
Soon my stop came and I had to get down. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet up soon. That soon was supposed to be today, that soon was supposed to show me her face, but it didn’t work out. Happens. Looking forward to something too much, results in disappointment. I was kind of upset but we did have Saturday so I sucked it in and told her it was okay she couldn’t make it.

So what did I do after that? I went to the salon and got my eyebrows done, my hands waxed, came home and took a long nice hot shower and started writing this post.
The hair is supposed to look wet.


  1. Aww this is cute!

    I just followed, follow back?
    I'd really appreciate it <3

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, I'd love to follow you back! :*

  2. Sorry your plans didn't work out, but those similarities are pretty freaky. (Maybe you were cloned?!?!)

    -The Anon Blogger

    1. haha..i know! how do those kind of things happen?!

  3. Can be quite creepy but comforting at the same time to know someone matches you this much! Btw, as Divya pointed out, the pictures in every post are epic!! The one with the laptop particularly! :P

    1. yea.i know!
      and thanks!! glad you like them!! :D


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