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Orange Lights.

Its 11:00 pm and I'm not sleepy. Although I've come up to my room and mentally prepared myself that I needed to sleep, it wasn't coming to me. I was there lying on my bed looking up. It was hot. Summer‘s here and it feels like a 100 degrees. My parents were chatting downstairs so the light was coming up to my right window.
 Mine were off.
 To my left, I opened the other window (since the air conditioner wasn't fixed in yet), and I could see the orange shimmer coming from the street-light. For some reason, I just don't like those particular street-lights. They seem so un-interesting and just scream lonesomeness, and that too at night, - dangerous. I stop, thinking what to write next and look around. Nothing.
There have been times where I imagine myself in some of the weirdest situations. This was one of them. I close my eyes for a second and I imagined myself standing in the middle of the main road, under that street-light, my shadow in front of me tall and questioning. I looked from side to side. 

 Not one vehicle, not one person. I was bracing myself for something horrible to happen, but then, snapped back.  On my bed, with the window open, breezy, staring at the orange again. I didn't know what I was looking for but making me imagine all that definitely made my eyes droop. With a stretch and a quick thought about what to write next, I yawned, deciding to end this sentence and go to bed. Good Night.


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