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Can't Say No to Mum.

 These women make our lives not only extremely better, but also very complicated. people are always going to tell you, do what makes you happy, or "do what your destined for" or basically do what YOU want to, but sometimes I end up in that situation where I can’t just do what  I want to, I need to make mum happy as well.
For example, there have been times when my mum thinks I look better in a certain dress than the one I’m wearing currently, (note: only when we are going out for a family occasion, she tells me what to wear). I don’t like the one mum wants me to wear, AT ALL. Why doesn’t she get that?! I try telling her that I suck in it, but NO. I look so extremely pretty in THAT dress and not wearing it would be defying the ultimate power. What can I do? Since I’m not in a life-turning situation, I am forced to wear the other dress. Not wearing it would work but then I’d have to hear my mum constantly taunt me about it.  She'd probably point out how tight the dress is, or how short it is. No. I’d rather not be in that spot. So basically it’s me sacrificing my actual nice dress for a dress mum thinks I look good in.

*sigh*. Mums. Love them like crazy, but sometimes you cannot win an argument with them taking rationality into consideration, and although you so don’t want to listen to what she says about your wardrobe or your hair or your room, making them smile makes you smile, and that......… priceless.


  1. Yeah, I know how you feel. My mom dictates what I do a lot too, but sometimes it is easier just to give in.

    Great post (and wonderful drawing) :)


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