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I wake up to the mild wetness on my face.I realise that my window was open and it had just started raining. The breeze blowing against my purple curtains and into my room sent chills up my spine only making me pull my blanket tighter around me. I squinted while I looked out of my window.  Greyness engulfing the everything. Depressing. The rain now pouring harder against the buildings made the weather seem sad and sorrowful. The smell of wet Earth was refreshing, and in the distance, a dog howling made me think whether it found shelter from the sky's occasional moody moments. Brushing the hair falling on my eyes away, I slowly got up. Taking off the blankets- with the chilliness pressing against me, seemed very challenging. Not able to appreciate the scenery with a sense of respect made me stagger forward lazily towards the window and close it.  Giving one last look to the mournful beyond, I pulled the curtains close, walked back to my bed and climbed into it. 

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