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I'm part of the site India Study Channel, where I write articles and post them.  (which I've mentioned before, about it in my previous blog). So basically I wrote on a bunch of different topics- abstract, political,etc.
I'm putting up the links for a few of my favourtie. Hope you enjoy!

1.Global & Indian Economic Crisis-causes, effects and solutions.
2.The healthy way of celebrating Ganesh Chathurthi.
3.What is orientalism?
4.Is the world a subjective term differing on the basis of perception?
5.Can auditor's be blamed for the losses of the company?
6.The 70 year old hero of Japan
7.Why Gandhi chose the Non-violent movement?
8.Right to Information Act
9.India's battles & the ruling of Peshawas.

You can check out my other articles from here My resources.

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