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That's Why It's Called A Phase.

There have been so many instances where I hear my friend's go "ooh, I wish I could still be in school" or "I wish   that things hadn't changed" or "I miss that place, wish I could go back", I mean yea, okay, you miss it but why would you want to go back?
The human mind is really contradicting in that area. When we are in school, we see the big girl's and we go, "I wish I was like her", "I did the same thing that she did", "Wish I could just grow up fast!" and stuff like that, and once we're all out and done, we see those places we were so desperately trying to get out of and we now want to go back.
I personally don't do that. When we grow up, we also tend to move forward in our lives. We go up the ladder. Sure, there's nostalgia flying all over the place when you see the small stands you and you're friends used to eat at, but it was a phase. Why would you want to go back? Given a chance to enjoy you're entire life in one phase, would you take that? Would you not want to grow up and make something more?
I never missed what I had gone through. There were of course some extremely bad and some majorly good times, but I would never want to go back. It was a phase, and I'm done. I had fun and that's that. I got a whole new life ahead of me that's so much more exciting! Just the thought of moving from one level to another shows how much we grow, and I think we should appreciate that and be like "I can't wait for what's next" rather than "I wish I could go back".
It's a phase. That's how everything in life will be. Get over it and move on. 


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