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Being Fashionably Late Is Not Fashionable. (unless you're a celebrity that is)

You know when people call you to  a party say around 12pm and that party is happening at one of the most sexiest pubs in the city?  You should be there by 12 pm.DOT. Why? I'll tell you.
People think that being a late is fashionable-it is, if your going to the birthday parties happening at some coffee shop or resto-NOT when you are going clubbing. If your late by a half hour at the club, it gets so packed, there wont be place to walk. I had an experience yesterday. The party started at 1, my friends and I went around 3pm, OMG. there was hardly room to stand. it was so overly full. forget dancing, hardly place to even STAND. The dance floor was out of question. We don't hold hands for 2 seconds, we're  lost in the crowd. It was horrible. Sure the crowd was great, the music was awesome, but the pushing and no place for standing was just plain sad. I didn't feel like partying at all. So I learnt my lesson, and the next time I go clubbing, I'll make sure I'm there within the first half hour.


  1. and we couldnt even enjoy the music!! thanks to the couple beside us.. next time we shd choose a less popular place to hang out


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