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The more I get,the more I want. The more I take the more I need. It doesn't stop. I know it isn't right. I know it isn't how I should be, but I still am.  The selfishness inside me still burns. The greed inside me won't die down. I dream of the day when I won't have to think about all of this. I dream of the day when I can tame the devil in me, but right now, I need it. I need what I want. The blackness inside me dances till I fear. Fear of not getting what I want. I know, my way of thinking might seem a little over the top. Might seem like I'm wanting too much, but I can't help it. Maybe I'm not mature enough to understand,  maybe I don't want to understand. Either way, God grant me the will to withhold my un-necessary desires and the patience to await my future.

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