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Don't get on the bus.

I travel by the APSRTC buses of Hyderabad. I've been going by these buses for a few months now and have learnt the bus-culture (exclusively metros and air conditioned buses).  There are 2 chairs reserved at the starting of the bus only for senior citizens and physically handicapped. (Hyderabad buses reserves the front part of the bus for women and the back for men).  Generally women, PHC and older citizens can grab those seats, but if any one else other older citizens sit in them, and the oldies start coming in, then we have to get up.
What REALLY ticks me off is the fact that, certain old people who climb onto these buses DEMAND that we get up and actually make this finger-pointing motion to us in a very derogatory way.
Yes, you are old. We respect your wisdom, your experiences and your age, but that is not how you request people to get up.
I mean-you have the energy to walk up to the bus-stop, the energy to climb and make your way through the heavily populated crowd at the front of the bus-door, but you don't have the energy to stand your way to your next stop? What about those who travel from one end of the city to the other? They have to get up just because you think your too old to stand? HELLO.
If you think you don't have to stand in a bus just because you are old, and even though you are in perfect condition, DON'T CLIMB ONTO ONE. Save us the seat. Simple.


  1. Yup.....
    Read your article "The 70 year old hero of Japan
    " a minute ago and then this.... Extremes!!!! at times its sad how senior citizens behave. No matter what age respect is not to be demanded.

    Your writing is really good Bhavani.

    1. Thank you soo much! really appreciate it :D


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