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The Smell That Traveled Across The World.

In the bus. Staring out the window with my head against the glass, aimlessly looking at the moving people and vehicles definitely made my eye-lids slowly droop.  The sun falling on my face only made me more lazier. People yelling, people climbing onto the bus, the bus jolting-didn't make a difference to me. My head started to hurt since it was tilted to one side. I slowly adjusted my-self, ending up being in the same position as before. The bus started to turn and I opened my eyes to this very spring-like smell. I know this smell. 9 years ago when I went for a field-trip, holding hands walking in two's. We were going to a park. The same smell. Nostalgia engulfed me till I opened my eyes and smiled and looked around. I'm not there though. I'm here.  Among the honking of cars and traffic jams. Among the road's of India. Thousand's of miles away from that field trip. The bus turned onto a bridge and the smell no longer existed. With my smile still dancing upon my lips, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the breeze once again.

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