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Drift To The Barren

 I look far and beyond in my mind and find my imagination takes me to lonesome ruined places. Places where nothing exists. There was a once for it, now it is hollow. Although it’s sunny, and the water runs under the small walkover bridge, although the grass is green and the trees are standing, there is incompleteness. A black void has been created over the times. A distress that can’t be covered by just positioning the good entities there. There is no life where my mind takes me. I don’t know why I ventured out there … I don’t know why I dared to cross the periphery but I have, and the vicinity I am in does not intimidate me for I know I am not being watched by anything. My only companion being my shadow, I walk forward to the top of the green hill. Everything seems superficial. There is no soul here, I reach the top and look far ahead at the barren land. Nothing. 

Melancholy engulfs the lifeless panorama. The wind seems to blow past me and stops as soon as it touches the dreary land. This part I would not have seen had I not walked up and to see the view. How things look deceitful from far. I knew something was wrong with this place but why did I decide to see it for myself? I have wandered far enough to realize that a miserable path lies in front of me shall I choose to cross the invisible barbed border between the foot of the hill and the lifeless beyond. I know better than to think of what would happen in case I traverse. I turn around, and walk down the hill. The eeriness not failing to leave during any moment of my stay. A portal to where I initially came from stands , echoing me to walk back through, to reality, to a safe place, and I give a one last look to my uncanny involvement from behind and walk through the gateway.


  1. Wow Very Touching. The place where your imagination takes you and the way you described it, i can imagine it myself. You did an awesome job with this blog post!

  2. Imagination is a wonderful place to be in but don't let the past drag you backwards :)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. Yes, I will definitely not, hence I've walked back into the portal. (:

  3. Hi very pretty! follow you now! Hope you can follow back? Thanks!


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