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Being 20.

My birthday was this week (27/7) and that's right I’m 20!!! Lost my teenity and I’m feeling a little bad about it. Once I hit 20 I know that people are going to look at me differently but it doesn’t work like that. As soon as the clock strikes 12 I’m not transformed into this adult. It takes time for the teen-ness to wear off. I’m just me. Just a year older. Only the number changed. I don’t know. I kind of feel cool that I’m 20, but at the same time I know I’m nearing events I don't want to go to just yet. (another story all together) I still want to be 16 (dream on, I know). Anyway, since I’m 20, let’s talk about how I managed to make it memory worthy.

I didn’t really want to have a huge party. As you grow old, you want people who really care for you to be around. I had just that this time but still, there was a small thought stuck at the back of my head constantly making me wonder about something.
You call a person to a party, and you expect them to come (obvious case with everyone) but the list I made had a set of people I really wanted to come and a set of people who if they'd come would have been nice but not coming wouldn't have really made a difference. (Yea, I know, why even call them in the 1st place, still I don't know. if I’m called to their parties I see it as an implied obligation to call them back. #politeness). So...up until the last 2 days I was making the list, fussing about my dress, and after checking out a million outfits I decided on one, rather 2 but oh well (you only see one outfit here though). 
The list. When I was making it I was sure that all the people who I really wanted to come would, cause I’m turning 20 and it’s a huge number. I thought it would be great. Things started taking a dip when one after the other my friends started backing out AFTER they had promised they'd come. It hurts my feelings. Some of them even called me on my birth-day and told me they couldn't make it. Made me feel a little angry too. I couldn’t help it. I tried all ways to convince them but no. some of them just couldn’t make it. I wasn’t really excited after wards when my original plan of 15 turned to 10.
Why would you do that?! 
I have friends who will stick by me no matter the situation and its complexity. They showed up. I LOVE THEM FOR THAT and let me tell you that the only reason my party seemed as interesting as it was, was only cause of them. 

I was all the happier when my school (middle-school) friends showed up, although late, I was content. It was a simple party. A little bowling, and little eating, a little socializing. All in all, I had fun and I really hope that all my friends who came had just a good time too. 
When I came home, it was family picture time and we took it along with our 2 doggies (Rocky & Juni). :D
It was a nice day.

To all those who couldn’t come, it’s sad and although it doesn’t effect you it did hurt my feelings. I will get over it but next time I won’t expect too much. 

All smiles.


  1. Belated Birthday Wishes Girl!!!!
    God bless you.

    Was waiting for a new post on your blog... its like reading a novel. Wanna keep reading with the curiosity of what next.

    1. Thanks soo muchh!!
      Aww..real happy you like them!! <3 :')

  2. Its too nyc...

    Its like reading any "AUTOBIOGRAPHY"..

    Waiting for ur next post.

  3. Well umm..... i must be seriously late but Still HAPPY B'DAY GURL! I can understand how sad you must've been when you heard your friends aren't coming over, but my advice to you is don't be sad about something that can't/won't be there, instead be glad about the things that are with you. Meaning you shouldn't actually care about people that aren't with you, instead care about those that are with you always. But you probably know that by now. Again i hope you have a great Blast next Year :)

    1. thanks a lot. Yes, i got that message loud and clear this time! :D


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