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Don't You Hate It?

 don't you hate it  when you've done something so well, and you know that you've put in all your effort and that just doesn't seem enough?
the constant nagging of "your not good enough", "keep working", etc rings in your ears all the time and  its like no matter how much you try, people don't seem to appreciate what you've done.
your trying to bring out the good and they don't see any of that.
its like everything you do has a flaw. its like you endless well of flaws and no matter how much you've changed, its just not enough.
your never making them happy.
your never upto their standards.
its devastating.
 you want them to know your doing well, and that your trying and that your pushing yourself as far as you'l go. you want them to acknowledge your efforts.
you want them to know that your sincere in what your doing.
you want them to give you a break.
you want them to get off your freaking back and let you live the way you want.
you want to go away, but you cant.
your stuck.
your forced to live the way you are and be the victim, your never perfect and you never will be.
to be perfect you'd need to break away, need to break away to show them. but you cant.
don't you hate it when your like this?

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