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A Visit Back To The Old World

Hello everyone!  My apologies for a very late post.  I've just been very busy with the packing and the travel which has now led me, after a day’s flight, in Canada! 

It's been a week since I came, and yes, the thought should have crept into my head, that my blog does exist to be updated, but my excitement of coming back in 8 years prevented me to do anything but give out occasional screams - a reaction to the reality I’m in now.

Etihad Airways was kind, if not a little cramped.  I ended up watching movies the whole time- a catch up.  The food was alright, although I did expect more than just plain butter on my bread. Jam was not up to my expectation.  

I was thinking more on the lines of macaroni and cheese.
Abu Dhabi was our stop-over. Clicked a picture of this architectural refinement here. If only all buildings were made as such.  Walking through the airports brought back the times of when I walked the same to another outlandish country that I never dreamt of living in.  It was always a thought thrown here or there amidst the conversation the grown-ups used to  have, but life settled in, and now I walk back.  Nostalgia, maybe. 

Back again on Etihad Airways to make my way to Toronto - the unfinished story of a 6th grader.  To meet friends who were always with me, and just to meet others to see how the rest of Chester was doing was what I longed to see the most.  

Progression, how much has it overcome them, how far have they trodden, and how far have I come? What had happened since I left?  So many miniscule yet significant things I needed to know to bring closure. 

 Containing it became difficult as the plane landed at the Toronto airport,  My then-escape from 6th grade’s mean remarks and utterly low, but considered high expectations.  Back to continue where I left off? No.  

Coldness.  The first thing I could feel and think of.  I forgot how cold this place used to be, yet again we forget so much in such short amount of time, this was nothing.  

Walking out of that terminal and out to meet my dad who was waiting, we went home. 

I am excited for what Canada has to give back to me, and what I have to give back to her.


  1. 8 years huh? I Felt the same when i came back to India after 10 years. Well that was just to be disappointed lol. But I'm sure Canada is different and I'm sure you'll Enjoy your Trip. make the most of it and my best wishes are with you :)

  2. Hello from your newest follower!
    I love the way you tell the story or events. And the drawings are pretty cute!
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  3. Wow Canada, the land of the Maple Leaf :) Hope you have a great time and great post!

    Sorry it took me so long to read it!

    -The Anon Blogger

    1. It's alright and yea, I'm having a good time, thanks!


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