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Day #7374

My creative juices have become immobile. I don’t know why.

 In the past I had this urge to blog about everything that offended me on my way to work, at work, college and on the way back home.

 I guess I’ve become lax.

 I seem to not take things personally. Maybe I’m losing my connection with the real world, something like being absorbed in the future I always look forward to by neglecting the present. 

How is that possible when I’m living in the contemporary?

 Going through the twinge of seeing absurdness every day and not being able to throw everybody over the railing is putting me on the brink.

 I’m drifting away.  Not giving into the addictive web of prejudicial-interest that everyone around me seems to enjoy.

I’m tired, yet I write, knowing that somehow this might be the only productive piece I can think of in who knows how long again.

I want a cookie. Chocolate. If I could think that and someone brought me one sensing my telepathic needs, I’d grin, on the inside of course.

Don’t want to give out how surprised I look when they realize I don‘t know how to use my own powers.

It rains. Has been for the last week or so, making the days dis-heartening.  I step out, stare at the sky that gives it’s puffy grey smile, I come to that conclusion where somehow the white parts are the sky’s gums. Blue’s brother, grey.


Mother Nature, control your kids.

I wait for my hot coffee, to stop the headache I’ve been having since I came home, I doze off instead on my cold bed, trying to look up and think about vital issues of the world.

 Nothing seems more relevant than to just close my eyes and dive into the world of the un-real.

Oh, and I did watch Alice in Wonderland yesterday.


  1. Nothing feels better than going into the un-real world, our own utopia where there are no issue, no quarrels, only us having our own way. I do the same many MANY times, i try in my own ways to change this world for the better but then i think one man alone cannot do anything and i quit it at that. I do speak my mind, very openly and telling the truth always offends others (Best part of speaking openly) But speech along cannot change it. We share many habits in common.
    Also Dam this rain -__-

    1. When it's offensive although it's not meant to be, you know you're only better.
      Yes, hate the rain.

  2. Just live and write and everything will be fine :)

    When I'm out of ideas, it helps to just brainstorm things to write about. Usually, a few of your topics will be great :)

    May the force be with you,
    -The Anon Blogger

    1. I'm glad my post's are actually of use to you.

      Thank you.


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