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Back to blogging feels good. I’ve been missing something although I’ve been occupied since my coming home.

This voice at the back of my mind – in a low rumbling tone keeps reminding me like a low bass gong at least twice during the day that a blog of mine has started to form cobwebs.

What I’ve realized about myself is that I tend to react a little too quickly. [I’ve realized it a long time ago but decided to acknowledge it now]

I am the executer in the discussion and if I’m mad, you better stay out of my way.

I wish I could hold in that anger and not feel guilty about it, but no.  

I am quick to anger and quick to tranquil. The gap in between sets my head whirling into endless conversation possibilities that I should say further to make my point lucid.

I’m a rational person [or so I think]. I try to think of misunderstandings as small issues but when it’s about me, everything is a big deal. I’m perfect. [*shrugs*] #deuces.

Ever since my return, my infuriations have not ceased to a more mature approach.

I realize I shouldn’t have said things.

I get over MOST of the juvenile situations that aggravate me, within a day. The subsequent 24 hrs becomes my thinking period and I feel bad, [close to regret] about what I said the previous day.

Could have been a little harsh. [no, duh]

What distresses me is that sometimes people accommodate my bi-polarity.

Them being amiable kills me.

I’ve apologized to the people I might have tormented over silly topics and my new self-declaration is to now keep calm under hostile situations and wait for a day to pass.

Yet if my fury doesn’t subside, then it definitely is something serious.

[I am making the effort in case you think I’m being obstinate and supercilious]

My new motto: Neutrality for 24 hours


  1. This is all a part of being human, thinking about your actions and learning from them, that is what improving is all about and you are doing just that. Many of us don't do that. :)

    1. Yes, I realize that its now time to make changes.


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