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Kids. [Preferably referred to in my dictionary till the age of 3], after that they’re just attention-seekers that make me want to jump off a cliff.

Watching someone bring in these adorable creatures makes anyone wonder how they could get enough of them. They penguin walk to and fro with their eyes too big for their face and talk in the cutest voices ever with the most endearing answers makes you sick.

Holding them up, walking them around, making them laugh is the only appreciation another person needs around these 2 foot beings, ...yet kids are tough.

They don’t ask for much, but sometimes they not asking for much is too much.

They need the pen that I’m writing with, I don’t hand it over.




I look like a child hater.

I’m watching something important on the laptop and they come and sit in my spot. I ask her to get up.


I try to physically put her down.

She yells.

I get mad I want to flip that chair over with her sitting on it.

Am I sounding like a child abuser because I’m not.

These kids are adorable when they’ve had their fill, which means of food, milk, pulling things off the rack and crying around for a bit.

I’m not at home the whole day but when I come back to all of this, it’s….slightly grating.

Just slightly.

I used to react before since kids cry like their entire hair has been ripped out so I really felt guilty for doing what ever wrong I supposedly sub-consciously might have committed .

Now, my expression doesn’t go beyond a flat look.

I stare. They yell.
They stop.

I still stare.

Kid's know when to cry and when not to. They sense weakness in the other person and crush and twist a person's patience till they are dead prey.

The next minute...

It’s become a normal thing now. I can’t imagine how mothers go through this.

I know my mom had to deal with boundless exasperating situations. She talks about it to this day – partly because I haven’t really stopped aggravating her yet.

#Respect to all those mothers out there with young kids.

They are a pain. I can’t deal with them, but something tells me that by the end of this month – I think I will have grown into a more understanding human being.

Either way, whatever they do is out of guiltless trials. You look at them being absorbed with as much as a spoon and can’t help but aww at them.

When they look up and give the sudden gust of laughter, it makes you laugh. Kid’s happiness is contagious.

You lay out your hand and they will hold it. 

They’re just kids.


  1. I loved reading this post. I feel the same way about kids, sometimes they're devils and others angels. I was a kid once (Lol. Like that's a surprise!) and I feel sorry for my mom for having to live with me (I was impossible).

    1. I'm so glad you did! Haha, #respect to mum's!!

  2. I think in the end that's what actually matters the most, a kid's smile is th best thing in this world. :)

  3. Indeed... Kids are annoying. XD
    Then again I find most people annoying


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